Holiday Gift Guide for the Cleaning Enthusiast

To the rare breed of cleaning addicts, there is absolutely nothing better than a freshly cleaned and fragrant-smelling home. Organization is the best.thing.ever and getting rid of even the smallest amount dust or grime brings them incredible satisfaction. If you have a cleaning enthusiast on your shopping list this year, forego buying them yet another wool sweater or box of chocolates. Wrap up the latest high-tech cleaning gadget and marvel in their joy as they daydream about new cleaning possibilities.

1. Solar Air Purifier – Made for the car, this is a dream come true for the friend who loves to keep things clean no matter where she goes. Placed on the dashboard, this small device runs on the sun’s energy to filter out unwanted dust particles and smells that get inside a car from driving through smog or past a farm. If the sun is not out, there is an adapter to plug it into the cigarette lighter. Cost: $20

2. Scooba Robotic Mop – For the busy cleaning fanatic that does not have the time to do it all, this automated mop does the cleaning all by itself. Because it has two different water tanks and never mixes the clean water with the water that has already been used in mopping, you can fill it up and let it do its thing without worrying about streaks left behind. Since the clean water tank holds about one liter, it can clean an area of 150 square feet in one go. Cost: $500

3. UV Cell Phone Sanitizer – As disgusting as it sounds, cell phones carry as many live bacteria and germs as the bottom of a shoe or a toilet seat. A cell pone sanitizer with UV technology is the perfect gift for your germ-o-phobic loved one. In about 5 minutes, the UV technology kills 99% of the tiny, gross creatures living on the surface of a cell phone. Other than cell phones, this sanitizer can also clean other small, dirty electronic items like ear sets, ear buds, music players and remote controls. Cost: $50

4. Floor Buffer – All the cutesy little floor mops, sweepers and tiny hand-held vacuums aside, a used floor buffer is hands-down the king of the floor cleaning world, and is any cleaning enthusiast’s dream come true. It is a heavy-duty machine that has more uses than any other cleaning gadget out there. It can clean and polish any type of hard floor, and with an attachment, it can clean both wet and dry messes out of carpets. Depending on the pressure settings used, a floor buffer can be used for daily cleaning maintenance or for monthly deep-cleaning jobs. Cost: $500 & up

5. Bag-less Vacuum – The old days of changing dirty, dusty sweeper bags are long gone with so many bag-less models available. The bag-less models are easily emptied when they are full of dirt and dust, and cleaning enthusiasts love them because the dirt tank is visible in most models. With a visible tank, you can easily see how clean or dirty your floors are, and you can decide whether or not you need to sweep over certain sections again, judging by how quickly the tank fills up. Cost: $40 & up

6. Air Purifier – These devices come in all shapes and sizes, and from a number of different brands. They sit quietly in the corner of a room disrupting no one, but the work they do is worth noticing. As air passes in and out of their filters, the technology inside gets rid of fungi, mold spores and viruses, creating an instantly cleaner and healthier household. In addition, they filter out visibly dirty things like smoke, pollen and pet dander to help those with allergies breathe easier. Cost: $250, varies by brand & model

In addition to the 6 listed above, there are countless cleaning gadgets out there to fit any personality and price range. When shopping for holiday gifts, it is always a guessing game whether or not someone will like what you buy them. But when it comes to shopping for a cleaning enthusiast, you simply can not go wrong with a new cleaning gadget because anything that creates a cleaner living or working environment is always welcome in their lives.