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As your one stop shop for floor cleaning equipment, ViziClean offers the largest inventory of new and used scrubbers sweepers and scrubber/sweeper combos. We carry all major brands such as Tennant, PowerBoss, Tymco, FactoryCat and more. Supplying a diverse range of equipment allows our sales representatives to fully assist you in the purchase of your new commercial or industrial scrubber or sweeper. If your office or warehouse only requires a scrubber or sweeper on a temporary basis, we keep a fleet of rental equipment on hand for daily, weekly or monthly use. Instantly browse through our online inventory or rental availability by completing the form above or call a ViziClean representative at 877-327-7260. We also offer parts and service for every make and model. With hundreds of replacement parts ready in stock and on-call repair technicians, we specialize in every facet of the floor cleaning industry.

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Purchasing Information: Floor Buffers

Floor buffers are cleaning machines designed to clean and protect hard floor surfaces such as wood, laminate and linoleum. These machines work by moving in a side-to-side motion to gently remove dirt and other debris leaving floors with a glossy aesthetic appearance. With many variables that make each floor buffer one-of-a-kind, it is important to carefully examine each one when purchasing a used floor buffer.

New vs. Used Floor Buffers

The price for a new floor buffer machines ranges from $600.00 – $6,500.00 and offers the latest floor buffing technology. Used floor buffers are a more affordable option, selling for $500.00 – $5,000.00; roughly 20% cheaper than new floor buffer models. Floor buffers for sale will be priced based on number of hours, model year and overall working conditions. Both new and used models are typically accompanied by full warranties including parts and servicing agreements.

Engine Types

1.) Battery – Battery powered floor buffers are commonly used in residential homes. When purchasing a battery powered floor buffer, it is important to consider the amount of time a fully charged battery lasts and the amount of time it takes to re-charge.

2.) Electric – Electric powered floor buffers are designed for commercial buildings. These machines are limited in maneuverability due to their permanent attachment to a power source; however, electric powered machines provide unlimited run time.

3.) Propane – Propane powered floor buffers are the popular choice for use in both commercial and industrial applications. A used floor buffer powered by propane proves to be just as effective as a new model. While the fuel cost is the most expensive option, a propane buffer has great maneuverability and unlimited run time. Due to dangerous fuel emissions, propane floor buffers can only be used in facilities that have adequate ventilation.

Machine Size

Floor buffers vary in size from 20 to 200 pounds and have cleaning paths ranging between 12 – 20 inches wide. Smaller floor buffers are used in small business buildings, retail stores and houses while machine models with cleaning paths greater than 15” are intended for more industrial use.

Other Factors:

Cleaning Agents: There are a variety of liquid cleaning agents that can be used to enhance a floor buffers’ performance. Cleaning agents are sprayed before buffing to degrease and loosen packed dirt.

Tank Capacity: A floor buffer tank stores the machine’s cleaning liquids. It is important to assess tank size because it can directly affect the efficiency of your floor buffer sale. Large cleaning areas require high capacity tanks to prevent the operator from frequently refilling the liquids.

Rotary Brush Speed: Rotations per minute (RMP) is a measure of rotary brush speed and determines the intensity of the buffer’s pressure. Low speed buffers range in speed from 175 to 350 RPM, while high-speed buffers operate over 1000 RPM. The ideal RPM varies depending on type of floor and desired outcome. Low speed buffers are used for general buffing purposes, stripping and scrubbing floors. High-speed buffers are used to clean floors and leave them with a “wet shine” look.

Pad types: Buffers require different pad types in order to accomplish different desired results. Abrasive pads are used to scrub and strip floors while soft pads polish and shine.

Pressure Settings: Each floor buffer sale features different pressure settings that determine how much pressure is exerted. Low pressure is ideal for regular floor maintenance needs, and high pressure is intended for stripping wax build up or removing deep stains.

Add-ons: Floor buffers for sale also have the ability to clean carpeted surfaces. An attachment such as a brush (rather than a pad) may be used to remove wet and dry debris.

Floor buffers serve as a great addition to routine maintenance. Regular buffing promotes an extended life for floors and improves the look of floors on a day-to-day basis. ViziClean houses the largest inventory of new and used floor buffers in the United States and Canada. We carry all models of major brands such as Tennant, Advance, Fusion, Clarke, Viper, Castex, Tornado, PowerBoss and more. After surveying your work environment, budget, and cleaning application, our sales department can help you buy floor buffer machine for your application. Call us today to get started: 877-676-7889.

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