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As your one stop shop for floor cleaning equipment, ViziClean offers the largest inventory of new and used scrubbers sweepers and scrubber/sweeper combos. We carry all major brands such as Tennant, PowerBoss, Tymco, FactoryCat and more. Supplying a diverse range of equipment allows our sales representatives to fully assist you in the purchase of your new commercial or industrial scrubber or sweeper. If your office or warehouse only requires a scrubber or sweeper on a temporary basis, we keep a fleet of rental equipment on hand for daily, weekly or monthly use. Instantly browse through our online inventory or rental availability by completing the form above or call a ViziClean representative at 877-327-7260. We also offer parts and service for every make and model. With hundreds of replacement parts ready in stock and on-call repair technicians, we specialize in every facet of the floor cleaning industry.

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Purchasing Information: Street Sweepers

Street sweepers are large industrial machines that work to remove wet and dry debris from public areas such as sidewalks, city streets and airport runways. These street cleaning machines are designed to remove everything tiny sediments to large pieces of litter. With dozens of factors that make each street sweeping machine distinctive, it is important to take the time to research all existing possibilities when looking to buy street sweeper.

New vs. Used Street Sweepers

The price range for purchasing a new street sweeper for sale ranges from $75,000 – $180,000. New street sweepers offer the latest street sweeping technology and sold at retail value. A used street sweeper for sale costs between $10,000 – $100,000, roughly 35% less than even the most high-end models. Used costs will vary depending on number of hours, model year, and overall working condition. Used street sweepers offer a more affordable solution and are refurbished to perform like new. Both and new and used street sweepers are accompanied by servicing and warranty options.

Engine Types

1.) Diesel: Diesel is the most popular fuel option for street sweepers. Diesel provides street sweepers with good gas mileage and serves as a reliable fuel choice. Diesel fuel is also a convenient choice due to its accessibility.

2.) Alternative Fuel: Popular alternative fuel choices include LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas). These fuel choices are slowly catching up to diesel in popularity due to new low emission requirements. CNG is known to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions while also qualifying as a cheaper and fuel-efficient choice.

3 Types of Operating Systems

1.) Mechanical: Street sweepers with mechanical operating systems use a broom apparatus that is attached to a rotating conveyer belt underneath the machine. Mechanical used street sweeper offer the cheapest operating system. They have an average life span of 5 years and accumulate approximately $30/per curb mile in maintenance costs.

2.) Vacuum: In addition to the mechanical operating system, vacuum type sweepers employ a vacuum system to pick up leftover debris. These machines are not as green as others because they occasionally spit dirt laced air back into the environment. Vacuum operating systems are mid-range in terms of price point, have an average life span of 5 years, and ordinarily cost $30/per curb mile.

3.) Regenerative Air: Used street sweeper with regenerative air operating systems blow air onto the pavement then immediately suck the air back into the sweeper along with any particles. Regenerative air sweepers recirculate air internally to remove residue, and then re-use the air to collect more fragments. Research has shown that Elgin and Tymco models pick up more mass per curb mile than their competitors. While pricier than other options, regenerative air sweepers have a longer average life span of 8 years and typical maintenance cost of $15/per curb mile.

Operator Comfort and Safety

A street sweeper cab is the enclosed area where the sweeper operator sits. Factors to look at when evaluating the cab include:

  • Illuminated operator controls
  • Air conditioning
  • Field of vision from operator seat (i.e. sufficient glass windows, doors)
  • Backup alarms for pedestrian safety

Cab features should be considered when purchasing a street sweeper because it is the operating hub of the entire machine. Without effective operator space, safety is often compromised.

Other Factors to Consider

Size of street sweeper: The weight of empty street sweepers can vary from 12,000 to 21,000 lbs. It is important to consider the size of a vehicle when factoring in probable fuel costs as well as how often the vehicle will need to dump its contents.

Sweeping head: The sweeping head determines the how far and wide the brushes extend. Consider the width of the streets, square footage and mileage to determine the size of sweeping head necessary.

Additional brooms: Some street sweeper for sale have additional gutter brooms capable of increasing a sweeper’s reach for collecting curbside rubble, which is ideal for large cities.

Hopper reach: The hopper is the arm type tool that lifts collected trash into disposal sites. The hopper reach should be compared with height of disposal areas to determine particular needs.

Dump cycle: Dump cycle is the amount of time it takes for the hopper to dump a sweeper’s collection into disposal areas. A quick dump cycle increases worker production and enables the sweeper to cover more ground.

ViziClean houses the largest inventory of new and used street sweeper for sale in the United States and Canada. We carry all models of major brands such as Tymco, Nite-Hawk, Stewart- Amos, Wayne, Elgin, Schwarze, Masco, and Laymor. After surveying your work environment, budget and cleaning application, our sales department can help you buy street sweeper for your application. Call us today to get started: 877-676-7889.

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