Convince Your Boss to Invest in a Sweeper Scrubber Combo

Business owners and department managers are savvy people, and this is both a blessing and a curse for their employees. It is a good trait to have because employees can rest assured that those in charge are working hard to ensure job security and company income to cover employee salaries and benefits. But on the other hand, it can be especially difficult to convince some bosses to invest in a new piece of equipment unless something is obviously wrong or broken beyond repair.

If you know your workplace needs a new floor scrubber sweeper but your boss does not quite understand the need or why it is so urgent, there are strategic steps you can take to change his mind about the investment. It will take time, preparation, and patient, even-minded persistence to win your case.

Focus on His Needs

While your boss probably is not the one working directly with your old sweeper scrubber combo on a daily basis, he has a direct link to it whether he realizes it or not. For example, most managers and business owners are constantly obsessing over the return on investment (ROI) of every single dollar they spend. If they buy marketing services, they want only the best at the lowest price possible. If they add three new people to their work force, they will plan and strategize for hours on end to make sure these new people can contribute to the company in the most efficient way possible.

ROI is a great place to start; as most bosses will agree that time equals money. Show him how much working time you can save with a new sweeper scrubber combo, how much money that will save on a monthly basis, how quickly the sweeper scrubber combo will pay for itself, and how much money the business will be saving after that.

Point Out What’s Wrong

You might be surprised to find that the reason your department has such an outdated floor scrubber sweeper is simply because your boss is not fully aware of its condition. Take time to show your boss how certain features malfunction, or how you often have to re-clean the dirtiest areas because the old machine simply doesn’t operate like it used to. Is the vacuum no longer efficient even after servicing? Is it too noisy to use during business hours? Does the engine type pollute the air in the work environment? Does the machine have such bad ergonomics that workers feel stiff and cramped after using it? Is it hard to maneuver or impossible to fit down small aisles? A visual demonstration is a powerful tool in making your case to invest in a new sweeper scrubber combo.

Machine Features & Meticulous Research

Carefully choose one or two new machines that will perfectly fit your workplace. Make a list of all the features and why they make such a great fit. Look around at dealers to find the best prices, and do the math in regards to the ROI of each machine to present to your boss. Show him that you have done your homework and that this investment is an improvement for your workplace that you are really passionate about.

No-Risk Trial and Error

Rent a new machine for a week. The cost is low, but your boss will see the difference in what a newer machine can do vs. your old one. When he sees the difference in cleanliness and time efficiency, it will be easier for him to admit the need for this investment and to give you the go-ahead to start shopping for one.

Convincing your boss to make an investment he was not initially planning may be challenging, especially when it involves thousands of dollars. Keep your head high and do not get discouraged if your first few attempts to convince him of the investment in a new floor cleaning machine elicit a negative response. Do your best not to fall into exaggeration, and stick to cold hard facts that can be easily proven. Facts are hard to ignore for business owners, especially when they make the difference in increased efficiency and ROI.