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Walk behind Sweeper/Scrubber Combo

Walk behind Sweeper/Scrubber Combo


As your one stop shop for floor cleaning equipment, ViziClean offers the largest inventory of new and used scrubbers sweepers and scrubber/sweeper combos. We carry all major brands such as Tennant, PowerBoss, Tymco, FactoryCat and more. Supplying a diverse range of equipment allows our sales representatives to fully assist you in the purchase of your new commercial or industrial scrubber or sweeper. If your office or warehouse only requires a scrubber or sweeper on a temporary basis, we keep a fleet of rental equipment on hand for daily, weekly or monthly use. Instantly browse through our online inventory or rental availability by completing the form above or call a ViziClean representative at 877-327-7260. We also offer parts and service for every make and model. With hundreds of replacement parts ready in stock and on-call repair technicians, we specialize in every facet of the floor cleaning industry.

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Purchasing Information: Walk Behind Scrubber Sweeper Combos

Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications, walk behind floor cleaning machines are a great option for facilities in need of routine floor scrubbing and sweeping. Walk behind scrubber sweeper combos offer significant savings relative to purchasing separate scrubber and sweeper machines, as well as provide maintenance synergies due to the fact that in one pass across the facility floor, they can simultaneously clean and remove dry and wet debris. According to Advance, a popular manufacturer, labor costs are typically as much as 90% of the overall cleaning costs of a facility, so it is important to pick the machine whose specs – make, model, size and features – maximize the efficiency of your cleaning personnel.

New vs. Used Walk Behind Sweeper Scrubbers
Used sweeper scrubber combos are refurbished to perform like new, and are priced at a discount, depending upon the age, past usage, condition and manufacturer. Each model year tends to see improvements over the prior year’s model, so new machines offer the very latest and most advanced technology and are sold at manufacturer suggested retail prices. Both new and used scrubber sweepers carry warranties and can be covered under service contracts, so the choice should be made based upon your budget and expected frequency of use. It is best to compare the price and functionality of both new and used equipment that meet your specifications so that you can make an informed decision.

Engine Types
Walk behind scrubber sweeper combination machines are typically battery powered. While battery operated machines are not tethered to the nearest outlet, they do need to be recharged routinely (typically every 4-5 hours), which creates equipment downtime, or the need to purchase additional batteries for back-up. Some battery operated models house the battery charger on board, in which case you can plug the machine in to any outlet in the facility to recharge.

Machine Size
Walk behind scrubber sweeper machines vary in weight from 350-900 lbs. and range in size from 20 – 34” aisle widths. They are designed for ease of maneuverability in small aisle spaces and weigh significantly less than their ride on scrubber sweeper counterparts, which is important, as they require more physical labor on the part of the employee utilizing the equipment.

Other Factors to Consider
Efficiency: While far less efficient than their ride on sweeper scrubbers counterpart (an estimated 400x more efficient), walk behind combo models are the most efficient option for smaller aisles (less than 36″) that still require heavy cleaning, but also need a more nimble option for better maneuverability in tight spaces.

Hopper Capacity: The hopper gathers and stores the debris collected by the machine so that the floors can be scrubbed without interference. If the hopper is too small relative to the area you will be cleaning, or if the typical amount of debris is very large, your cleaning personnel may wind up spending too much time removing and emptying the hopper. In general, greater hopper capacity leads to better utilization rates and efficiency.

Solution Tank Size: Much like hopper capacity, it is important that your solution tank is sufficiently large to hold enough solution as to eliminate the need for frequent refills.

Noise: Noise levels of sweeper scrubbers vary amongst manufacturers, which may be an important factor when selecting a machine, especially if cleaning is done during regular business hours.

ViziClean houses the largest inventory of new and used sweeper scrubber combination machines in the United States and Canada. We carry all models of major brands such as Factory Cat, Power Boss, Nilfisk-Advance, Clarke, Tennant and more. After surveying your work environment, budget and cleaning application, our sales department can help you buy a scrubber sweeper combination cleaning machine that meets your cleaning needs. Fill out the form above, or call us today to get started: 877-676-7889.

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