4 Reasons to Invest in a Floor Buffer

Getting beautifully clean, polished, shining floors does not happen overnight. Or does it? Years ago, keeping your floors beautiful was nothing short of a chore using brooms, dustpans, mops, wash buckets, and finally getting on your hands and knees to polish and bring out the shine. Even maintaining the floor of a small retail shop took hours of hard labor.

Fortunately, today we have the technology that puts all this work into one easy-to-use machine that allows us to clean and polish floors for minutes on the hour compared to the time and effort it used to take. A used floor buffer does not just make floor maintenance faster and easier, it is also incredibly versatile, protects even the most delicate floors, and saves lots of money after the initial investment.

1. Multiple Uses & Versatility

Floor buffers can be used to both clean and polish hard floors. These machines allow you to add different types of pads and adjust the pressure settings depending on the work you need to do on your floors. A high pressure setting with an abrasive scrubbing pad works well to remove hard build-up, deep stains or to strip wax. A softer pad used on a lower setting works well for general, routine cleaning and waxing.

You can even use floor buffers on carpeted floors. Brush attachments offer an effective solution for getting rid of wet and dry debris on carpets. Some models can also be used on uneven surfaces.

2. Increased Efficiency

Floor buffers save your cleaning staff a lot of time, and help them do their job more efficiently. For example, instead of using a broom to sweep, a mop to clean stains and messes and a rental waxer to polish the floor, one machine can do it all and in less time.

With varying attachments and pressures that can be adjusted in a matter of minutes, as well as a tank that holds cleaning solution and only emits the exact amount needed, floor buffers offer an incredible amount of workplace efficiency so you can cut back on cleaning time and costs.

3. Protect Your Floors

It is much easier to keep up with regular floor maintenance when you have a machine that easily does it all for you. Over time, if too much dirt and grime builds up without being cleaned away, it can cause serious damage to floors causing pits, grooves, and permanent loss of color and shine. With regular sweeping, burnishing and polishing, your floors will look better and last much longer. The purchase of a floor buffer saves cash on cleaning costs and protects the investment you made in your floors.

4. Save Money

Although you make an upfront investment of a couple thousand dollars for a floor buffer, these machines help you save a significant amount of cash in the long run. For example, if you own and manage a local chain of a large, heavily-trafficked grocery store, hiring an external cleaning service to come in and clean your floors each night after you close can cost around $30 per hour. With a floor buffer, you can have one of your employees stay an hour after close to buff the floor of your entire store. If it takes him an hour, the cost is around $10. Each week, that’s a savings of $140. For 52 weeks, the savings come to more than $7,000. Even if you invest in a top-of-the-line, expensive floor buffer for $6,500, it pays for itself in less than one year.

Whether you have a specialized cleaning business keeping up with other people’s floors, are a retail store manager or a factory operations supervisor, investing in a floor buffer gives you an incredible return on investment in the time and cost involved in floor maintenance. There is such a wide variety of floor buffers, you can easily find one that fits your needs and your budget perfectly.