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As your one stop shop for floor cleaning equipment, ViziClean offers the largest inventory of new and used scrubbers sweepers and scrubber/sweeper combos. We carry all major brands such as Tennant, PowerBoss, Tymco, FactoryCat and more. Supplying a diverse range of equipment allows our sales representatives to fully assist you in the purchase of your new commercial or industrial scrubber or sweeper. If your office or warehouse only requires a scrubber or sweeper on a temporary basis, we keep a fleet of rental equipment on hand for daily, weekly or monthly use. Instantly browse through our online inventory or rental availability by completing the form above or call a ViziClean representative at 877-327-7260. We also offer parts and service for every make and model. With hundreds of replacement parts ready in stock and on-call repair technicians, we specialize in every facet of the floor cleaning industry.

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Purchasing Information: Walk Behind Floor Sweepers

A floor sweeper is an industrial floor cleaning machine that is used to pick up dry debris from various hard floor surfaces. Walk behind floor sweepers are ideal for areas covering less than 50,000 square feet and can maneuver through an aisle width under 36 inches. When purchasing a walk behind floor sweeper, consider multiple brands, models and dealers to determine which floor machine best suits your facility.

New vs. Used Sweepers

The price for brand new walk behind floor sweeper ranges from about $500 to $12,000. New walk behind sweepers offer the latest sweeping technology and are sold at retail value. Used walk behind sweepers range in price from approximately $300 – 9,000, roughly 30% cheaper than even the newest models. Used walk behind sweepers offer a more affordable option, full warranties and are refurbished to perform like new.

Engine Types

1.) Manual: Some small walk behind floor sweeper models do not require a power source and are instead powered by the operator’s manual pushing of the machine. These models are only fit to handle extremely small sweeping jobs. While using this type of sweeper can be more time consuming, they are an affordable sweeping option and offer a quieter way to clean floors.

2.) Electric: Electric floor sweepers have the advantage of unlimited run time due to their continual connection to an electricity outlet. This type of floor sweeper has limited maneuverability and should be operated where electric outlets are readily available.

3.) Battery: Batteries are the most popular power source for walk behind floor sweepers. Battery powered sweepers boast slightly higher efficiency than other fuel options and offer great maneuverability. When buying battery powered walk behind sweepers it is important to look into how long it takes for the batteries to re-charge as well as how long each charge lasts.

Machine Size

Walk behind floor sweepers range in size from 15- 40” and weigh between 15 – 450 lbs. Walk behind floor sweepers come in three main model sizes: 24”, 28” and 32”. The 24” scrubber is ideal for a workspace of 26,400 square feet while the 32” covers 35,200 square feet. Size is an important factor when determining which machine to purchase because a floor sweeper needs to be time efficient in large spaces, but also able to fit into smaller spaces.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Sweepers

Outdoor Sweepers: 70% of sweepers are used for outdoor sweeping. If you intend to use a sweeper outside, it is important to make sure you buy a sweeper designed for floor surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and pavement.

Indoor Sweepers: Indoor sweepers are intended for use with tile, wood, vinyl and other hard surfaces. Some indoor sweepers can also be used on level carpeting. If your needs are for indoor applications, often times it can be cost effective to look into a combination scrubber sweeper machine instead of buying two separate units.

Other Factors to Consider

Coverage area rating: Coverage area rating is the amount of square footage a sweeper covers in one hour (e.g. 25,000 sq. feet/hour). When considering coverage area rating, consider the timeframe needed to clean the floor, the machine’s maneuverability around narrow spaces, and total square footage.

Side brushes: Various walk behind sweeper models include side brushes. Side brushes can be helpful for areas with tight corners or small aisle space because they can reach hard to reach areas.

Hopper size: The hopper is the storage place for all of the dirt, debris and materials that the sweeper picks up. Square footage and the size of the debris to be picked up determine the hopper dimensions.

Noise: Various sweeper models emit different levels of noises. Noise level should be considered if cleaning occurs during regular business hours. Manual walk behind sweepers are the most silent option, while battery and electric powered sweepers vary in noise levels.

ViziClean houses the largest inventory of new and used walk behind sweepers in the United States and Canada. We carry all models of major brands such as Factory Cat, Power Boss, Nilsk Advance, Clarke, Tennant, Minute Man and more. After surveying your work environment, budget and cleaning application, our sales department can help you find the perfect sweeper for your application. Call us today to get started: 877-676-7889.

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