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Ride On Scrubbers / Sweepers

Ride On Scrubbers / Sweepers


As your one stop shop for floor cleaning equipment, ViziClean offers the largest inventory of new and used scrubbers sweepers and scrubber/sweeper combos. We carry all major brands such as Tennant, PowerBoss, Tymco, FactoryCat and more. Supplying a diverse range of equipment allows our sales representatives to fully assist you in the purchase of your new commercial or industrial scrubber or sweeper. If your office or warehouse only requires a scrubber or sweeper on a temporary basis, we keep a fleet of rental equipment on hand for daily, weekly or monthly use. Instantly browse through our online inventory or rental availability by completing the form above or call a ViziClean representative at 877-327-7260. We also offer parts and service for every make and model. With hundreds of replacement parts ready in stock and on-call repair technicians, we specialize in every facet of the floor cleaning industry.

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Shopping for a scrubber, sweeper or combo floor cleaning machine is comparable to purchasing a car, forklift or any type of commercial equipment. New models offer the latest, most advanced technology and sell at retail value suggested by the manufacturer. Used scrubbers and sweepers are refurbished and sell at discounted prices based on the year, number of hours, and overall working condition. Choosing a new or used model depends on your budget and the frequency of which you use the equipment. Gathering price quotes on both new and used equipment from multiple dealers in your area is the best way to determine the most ideal model for your facility.

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